Manufacturing is core to our modern lives. Nearly everything we use in our daily lives is manufactured somewhere.

  • Manufacturing contributes 13.5% of GDP or over $27 billion.
  • Nearly one in ten people are employed in manufacturing – that’s 190,000 jobs.
  • Manufacturing jobs pay well, averaging nearly a thousand dollars a week, which is 12% above the average for all jobs.
  • Manufactured exports earn over $11 billion a year for the country.

Unfortunately, manufacturing is in crisis and all those figures are plummeting. In the past four years:

  • The number of jobs in manufacturing has fallen by nearly 40,000, or 16.7%
  • The number of businesses in manufacturing has reduced by over 1,300, or 6.1%
  • The output of manufacturing, as measured by GDP, has fallen by 9%
  • The annual value of manufactured exports is down by 12.4%
  • Profits in the manufacturing sector have fallen by 17.4%

It is a myth that losing manufacturing jobs is inevitable for developed countries. In fact, 16 out of 34 developed countries have increased their number of manufacturing jobs in the past two years, while New Zealand has continued to lose manufacturing jobs at an alarming rate.

New Zealand can protect and grow its manufacturing sector. If we choose the right policies to make it happen.